Is it possible to be authentic online? Slow Folk

Is it Possible to be Authentic Online?

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I ask myself this a lot. Is it possible to be genuine in this carefully curated online world?

What if we stop trying to be authentic? What if instead we showed up unvarnished, raw, true?

Is that possible in a post-truth epoch?

Is it possible to be authentic online? How to be yourself in a world of #authenticity | Stacey Langford Slow Folk

I see you out there.

I see your effort and your earnest yearning.

I see you following your heart’s vocation.

Your calling has found you, yes?

Check and check.

Next trouble.

How do you share that calling, that heart-centred work with the world in a way that doesn’t betray the work itself?

Can there be such a thing as Slow social media? What about Slow marketing? Can Slow pay the mortgage?

How do we find one another in the slipstream of this moment, moving ever faster, without getting sucked in?

Maybe we can call on a different skill set.

When I was younger I practiced martial arts. I was small and the only woman, mischievous.

Martial arts isn’t about strength.

Instead, we root ourselves in the earth and the alchemy of fulcrums.

A 5’2”, 125 pound schoolgirl, I once put a 200 pound, six foot tall man through the drywall.

That is the power of leverage and deflected momentum.

Maybe we can do that with #authenticity and everything that comes with it?

Can we simply side-step as it rushes us and with a perfect economy of effort, gracefully put it through the wall?

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