You are not a brand | Rejecting the notion of the personal brand | The Slow Work Series from Slow Folk

You are NOT a brand. You are a person.

Slow Work Mindset

You are not a brand.

Ok. We’re talking business here but right now, I want to talk about life. About living. About being whole and imperfect and present in the world.

You are not a brand. Slow Work Series with Slow Folk | It's time to chuck the notion of the personal brand. You're not a brand. You're a human being.

You are not a brand.

You are a human being. Not made to be confined to tiny squares, reflected in the eyes of strangers, a blue glow in a dark room.

You are not a brand.

You have survived things, seen things, been broken open, have mended the cracks with gold.

Or perhaps you’re still bleeding. The effort of breath enveloping… everything. 

Maybe you want nothing more than to escape this moment, maybe you want to run, burn it all down, start over, begin again.

You are not a brand.

You don’t need to mold yourself. Build yourself up into some imagined shape or form inoffensive to the others. You don’t need to shift your being, cover up your lightness, dim your brightness so that others may be seen.

You are not a brand.

You are whole, just as you are. Broken and imperfect and perfect in your longing to simply – be.

You are not a brand. 

You are not made to be consumed, to be drunk in like a tall glass of water, to be gazed upon, devoured.

You are not a brand.

You belong to yourself. You are yours and yours alone.

You are not a brand.

You are not found wanting, coming up short or disappointing.

You are enough. You are everything. Just as you are.

So go. Claim your joy. Claim your ease. Claim your calling.

Walk through your life smashing expectations, your own and others. Light that match if you want to.

Burn it down.

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