Over ten years ago I was living a 'successful' life that checked all the boxes . . .

The trouble was - That life that looked great from the outside?

It left me sobbing into my Starbucks.
In public. On the daily.

I didn't feel successful, I felt STUCK.

Many years - and tears - later, I finally claimed my calling and quietly built a six-figure, purpose-driven business along the way.

Now I'm on a mission to help other women slow the heck down and build a life of purpose, impact and joy.

Mama. Farmer.
Slow Business Badass.

heya, I'm stacey

That you don't have to hustle your life away in order to build a successful, rewarding business?

That by slowing down and doing LESS, your life could become MORE?

Over the past few years I've quietly built a six-figure business and a beautiful, messy, purposeful, deliciously imperfect life - from home, in my slippers, all while a full-time Mama to my two young kids.

Are you ready to finally build a life, and a living, you actually love?

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what if i told you work could be full of joy, ease & purpose?

I did it by becoming an unbusy badass.

Now I'd love YOU to join the Unbusy Revolution.

Together we'll help you slow the heck down, claim your calling and get to work building that big, delicious life you deserve.

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mary oliver

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild & precious life?

Are you working your tail off, doing all the things, growing your social following, churning out content and STILL not seeing results in your business?

Or are you stuck in a successful career you hate, spending your days daydreaming of building a legacy of your own?

Here's how I can help.

tired of the hustle?

But here's what I've learned as I've built a six-figure, purpose-driven business ( in my spare time between soccer runs and school bus pickups ) : 

i know what it feels like to be successful and stuck.

What you need is clarity of direction and small, consistent, courageous action on the ( very few ) things that actually matter. 

You don't have to hustle to build a life of purpose & impact

If you're ready to do the work and find the courage to step into your calling -

I'm here to help.

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Renegade Farmer. Mama. Slow Business Badass.

Over ten years ago I did something brave ( & a little crazy. )

I ditched my stable career, traded my stilettos & pencil skirts for gumboots & chicken poop  - & never looked back.

Now, together with my hubby, I live & work on a historic five acre farm in Canada's Fraser Valley, where we raise good food and two raggamuffin farm kids.

I am a certified Master Organic Gardener, a passionate educator & a formally-trained painter.

I have over 20 years experience marketing small, (totally badass) women-led businesses.

Stacey Langford

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