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 It'sTime to Say Buh-Bye to Burnout + Ditch the Hustle for Good.

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Farmer. Mama. Slow Business Badass.

Over a decade ago I ditched my downtown office with a view and my 'successful, important' career to build a life, and a living, on my own terms. 

I broke all the rules by building my business with Slow Values - and it worked.

Two kids and six-figures later, I'm here to help you do the same.

Hi friends, I'm Stacey —

You shouldn't have to be a hot mess of overwhelm & burnout to kick ass at work.

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This is the Slow Folk weekly letter from life in the trenches in the battle against busy. If you’d like to become part of our community and get the letter straight to your inbox, please join us. Morning Friend, So I was chatting with a member of the Slow Folk Substack community this week – we were talking […]

Breathing Underwater

the juiciest peach fear of self promotion as a creative entrepreneur

Walking the tightrope of self-promotion as a sensitive, creative entrepreneur. This is a preview of a post from our substack community. You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there is still going to be somebody who hates peaches. – Ditta Von Teese Writing this early in the crisp light of the […]

The Juiciest Peach | The Slow Work Series No. 4

swimming outside in winter slow living

On swimming outside in winter + finding slowness where we can This is a preview of a post from our Substack community. … It made me wonder about how we can mindfully invite more slow moments like these into our everyday lives. I have intentionally structured my life and my business during this season to […]

Islands of Slow

you are not your business it is time to chuck the idea of the personal brand

This is a call to arms. A clarion call to rebellion. An invitation to burn the status quo to the ground. Are you with me? Let’s go. Nearly every day this week in my work with clients at Slow Folk or in my conversations here on Substack, I have met a woman fraught by the idea of […]

You Are Not Your Business

Niching without fear | Slow Business Education for Creatives and Solopreneurs

The number one mistake small business owners make is failing to niche effectively. Niching is simple, but not always easy. Why do we fail to niche, when many of us have at least a rough idea of how important it is? One word : Fear. We are afraid to niche because niching, at its core, […]

Niching Without Fear : How to Avoid the Number One Small Business Mistake

Trust Your Path. You're not lost. You're here. | A reminder from Slow Folk

You’re not lost. You’re here. I’ve travelled a weird and wandering career path. I’ve sold everything from pant suits to cheeseburgers to giant solid jade tiger statues large enough to ride. (Told ya, weird.) Although my education and work life might look meandering and kinda random from the outside (from art galleries to a home […]

Trust your path. You’re not lost. You’re here.

You are not a brand | Rejecting the notion of the personal brand | The Slow Work Series from Slow Folk

You are not a brand. Ok. We’re talking business here but right now, I want to talk about life. About living. About being whole and imperfect and present in the world. You are not a brand. You are a human being. Not made to be confined to tiny squares, reflected in the eyes of strangers, […]

You are NOT a brand. You are a person.

Learn how to give less fucks to live a fearless life | Slow Folk

I wish I could send a letter to my 20-something self. If I could, I’d tell that young woman to give less fucks. Way less fucks. I worked so hard in my 20’s in a job that ate me alive.  I’d wake up each workday in tears, stood on the crowed subway platform holding down […]

How to Give Less Fucks & Live Fearlessly

Overcome Perfectionism | Slow Folk

Perfectionism is a bitch. There is no nice way to say it. Perfectionism is the pits. If you’re reading this, chances are you are a go-getter, a striver, a dreamer-of-dreams. Chances are, you’ve also left your biggest dreams on the shelf. Not because you can’t. But because you’re scared. Because perfection made you. The worst […]


Is the Slow Work Movement just about Laziness? | Slow Folk

Is the Slow Work movement really for someone like me? Isn’t Slow Work only for lazy people? So you’ve learned a bit about Slow Living, and you think you might want to give Slow Work a try. There’s just one question nagging in the back of your mind – If I want to embrace Slow […]

Laziness : The Slow Work Myth Series

Are you burned the eff out? Feeling exhausted, but have nothing to show for it? Slaving away on social media, but the sales aren't materializing?

It's time to slow down, get back to basics and focus on the things that really matter.

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