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You have just one wild and precious life.

Are you spending yours drowning in a sea of overwhelm, non-essential tasks, self-doubt and mindless, numbing busyness?

Is your gift - the one you are meant to share with the world - gathering dust on a shelf?

- picasso

The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away.

It's time to
claim your calling.

You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare.

-georgia o'keefe

I help female solopreneurs and creatives slow down so they can build profitable, purpose-driven businesses that prioritize community, sustainability and joy.

I offer The Slow Folk Studio, a group mastermind program, self-guided audio coaching and bespoke one-on-one coaching.

Each is designed to help you gain clarity, confidence, skills and courage to break the old rules - so you can build a business that WORKS FOR YOU - not the other way round.

A rebellious approach to business.

What I Do

You are here because you have something to offer the world.

I'm here to help you share it.

You're a little mischevious. You believe one person CAN make a difference. You know in your heart there's a better way to do business - and you're ready to be the one to build it.

rebellious spirit

You have a cause (or causes!) that matter to you. Whether that's the environment, social justice, waste reduction . . . You believe that business has an obligation to work towards a better world.


You have a mission on your heart. You want your work to have meaning & purpose beyond yourself. You want to build a legacy of service.


As humans who identify as female in the world, we face unique challenges in business - that are often ignored by the traditional patriarchal system.

female identified

Is Slow Folk For You?

who I serve

Answered yes? 
Let's chat!

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Ready to take the leap? Book a free clarity call to see if my program is a fit for you.

A 12 week group mentorship program for purpose-driven solopreneurs and creatives.

The Slow Folk Studio

slow down at work
escape the hustle
overcome overwhelm
conquer self-doubt
find clarity of purpose

Group Mastermind & Coaching Program

It's ok to say it - Post pandemic, I never want to watch another powerpoint or Zoom recording again.  Can I get an AMEN??!

Audio Coaching

approachable, accessible mentorship

Learn via individual themes ranging from Niching to Conquering Self-Doubt, or choose a package that will guide you from A to Z.

Sitting in front of a screen isn't the only or even the best way to learn. Why not get coaching while doing the dishes, or on a jog?

from $97

Whether you'd like a one-off session to break through a block or a monthly package to smash your goals, we'll craft a solution tailored to your needs.

One-On-One Coaching

100% bespoke packages

You CAN escape the hustle and build a business that works for you, not the other way round.

Let's build a plan together.

I offer a limited number of one-on-one coaching spots each month to ensure you'll get personalized attention.

From $375

joan of arc

I am not afraid.
I was born to do this.



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Step into your Calling to build a life of purpose & impact

Cultivate focus & intention - stop spinning your wheels

Overcome overwhelm, self-doubt & tune into your wisdom

One part Online Course. One part Bespoke Mentoring.
One part shootin' the shit over a hot cuppa.

A collaborative Slow Work Mastermind

Join me, Stacey Langford, in a collaborative process where we'll help you slow the hell down, clear out the crap & overcome the overwhelm.

Together, we'll work to gain clarity, focus & simplify - so you find ease & joy in your work again.

Once you've cleared the decks & identified your goals, we'll chart a course forward so you can finally build a life, and a living, you actually love.

One part Online Course. One part Mentoring. One part shootin' the shit over a hot cuppa.

Our ultimate goal is for you to cultivate the clarity & courage to claim your calling so you can make an impact in the world.

claim your calling

Learn how to disarm your Inner Critic, call on your Wisdom & find the courage to move forward with confidence.

CONQUER self-doubt

Together we'll identify the key activities that are essential to your unique business & make a plan to focus on those.

focus on the essential

Make time & space in your life & business for what matters. Eliminate the busywork & overwhelm &  ditch the hustle, for good.

slow the heck down

What You'll Learn

Let's face it, being your own boss can be lonely AF.

Surrounding yourself with other Unbusy Badass Bosses is the easiest, most joyful way to level-up your life.

Slow Folk comes with a built-in community for support and encouragement.


In The Slow Folk Studio, you won't get lost in the crowd.

Enrolment is limited so that each member gets the personalized attention she deserves.

It's my calling to serve humans, not nameless numbers. 

Limited Enrolment

In most online courses, the creator is just a voice behind some pre-recorded slides.

In The Slow Folk Studio you'll get meaningful access to ME.

Regular online coffee chats and live group coaching are designed to help you not only start, but actually reach your goals.

meaningful Access


Not Another Online Course

(That you'll never finish)



you believe personal values should be kept separate from business

you aren't yet ready to take action on your dreams

you'd rather grow your followers than build a solid foundation

you want a quick fix & for someone to just tell you what to do

It's NOT for you if:

you need some help finding clarity & direction & are willing to do the work

you want to connect with other rebellious entrepreneurs & creatives

you have a dream on your heart or already own a purpose-driven business

You are feeling overwhelmed & are tired of the hustle & glorification of busy

This program IS for you if:

The Slow Folk Method

Root out your limiting beliefs. Unlearn the culture of hustle.


Module One


First things first - Slow down. Catch your breath. Make space. Create some margin.

Lay a new foundation. Sink into new, nourishing habits and beliefs.


Module Two


Identify the Essential and chart a clear path forward towards your goals.

Claim your calling. Step into your story and out into the world.


Module Three


Show up consistently as the Unbusy Badass you truly are.

Make an impact doing the work you were born to do with confidence and grace.

Are you ready to transform from a burnt-out girl boss to an unbusy badass?

Book a free clarity call to apply today.

A bespoke Slow Folk Roadmap for you to follow when we're done - we'll never leave you hangin'!

A collaborative, personalized approach - no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions.

Hands-on tutorials for tools and tech that leverage your time and effort towards Slowness.

Full access to our paid private community - NOT another Facebook group!

Three 40 minute private coaching sessions with Stacey. 

Bi-Weekly live group coaching sessions online - build community, accountability and learn from each other.

the slow folk studio

Here's What You'll Find Inside

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Farmer. Mama. Slow Business Badass.

Over a decade ago I ditched my downtown office with a view and my 'successful, important' career to build a life, and a living, on my own terms. 

I broke all the rules by building my business with Slow Values - and it worked.

Two kids and six-figures later, I'm here to help you do the same.

Hi friends, I'm Stacey —

You shouldn't have to be a hot mess of overwhelm & hustle to kick ass at work.

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A simple, attitude-free approach to Slow Living, from someone who's actually lived it for over a decade - not just posted about it on Instagram.

In this simple, seven day email course, we'll take steps to push back against busy and create a plan for you to finally build the great big deliciously imperfect life you deserve.

Slow in Seven

let's learn something new

new to slow living?

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Are you a badass Black, Indigenous or Latinx solopreneur or creative? Ready to kick ass at work without burning out?

As part of my commitment to support and uplift women in their quest to claim their calling, I offer a limited number of both full scholarships and bursaries to each of my programs on a quarterly basis.

( No weird strings, red-tape or hoops. Just support. )

For BIPOC Business Owners

Scholarships & Bursaries

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