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 It'sTime to Say Buh-Bye to Burnout + Ditch the Hustle for Good.

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Farmer. Mama. Slow Business Badass.

Over a decade ago I ditched my downtown office with a view and my 'successful, important' career to build a life, and a living, on my own terms. 

I broke all the rules by building my business with Slow Values - and it worked.

Two kids and six-figures later, I'm here to help you do the same.

Hi friends, I'm Stacey —

You shouldn't have to be a hot mess of overwhelm & burnout to kick ass at work.

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How to Find your Flow as a Creative Entrepreneur | Slow Folk Slow Work Mentorship and Education

Are you struggling to find your flow as a creative entrepreneur? Working for yourself – fitting it all in, making time for work, family, your health . . . it can feel impossible to find your flow. You might even find yourself spending more time thinking about how to get it all done than actually […]

Find Your Flow as a Creative Entrepreneur

What is Slow Business? Slow Folk

What if Slow Business could be a GOOD thing?

What is Slow Business?

How to Write Marketing Emails Your Clients Want to Read

I’m sure you’ve heard it by now – from marketing gurus, from podcasts, from your girlfriends – you’ve GOT to have an email list. Although social media is the bright and shiny one in our marketing toolbox, your email list – while not glamorous – is where the heavy lifting happens. Ready to dig in? […]

How to Write Marketing Emails (That Actually Get Read)

Overcome fear of failure | Slow Folk

Do you struggle to come to terms with failure in your work life? (Or you life in general?) I sure as hell do. I hate it, but it’s true. When we fear failing, we miss out on playing big in our own lives. When we are afraid, we don’t show up for ourselves. We don’t […]

Embrace Failure

Work / Life Balance is a goal we’re all supposed to aim for, and why not? Work / Life Balance is a land where we have time to find a partner, have children without letting it derail our career, be the kind of Mum who has time to bake cookies from scratch, do yoga every Thursday […]

Balance is Bullshit

Is it possible to be authentic online? Slow Folk

I ask myself this a lot. Is it possible to be genuine in this carefully curated online world? What if we stop trying to be authentic? What if instead we showed up unvarnished, raw, true? Is that possible in a post-truth epoch? I see you out there. I see your effort and your earnest yearning. I see […]

Is it Possible to be Authentic Online?

Slow Work Limiting Beliefs Joy Counts at Work | Slow Folk Business Coaching

Is it possible to overcome limiting beliefs? Limiting beliefs are just rules we make up for ourselves. They’re insidious and powerful. We don’t often speak them, but I’m willing to bet you have them, too. Limiting beliefs are sneaky buggers, wiggling in unnoticed and unchallenged. Rooting them out is difficult, but necessary work if we […]

Overcome Limiting Beliefs At Work : Joy

Slow Living and Social Media

How do we embrace the power of social media and protect our Slow life? Here I am, curled up in bed with a sleeping babe beside me, the downpour of a west coast winter night rapping against the widows of our old farmhouse, wondering if Slow social media is even possible. We live a simple […]

Slow Social Media

How to Set Boundaries Slow Work Skills

Need to learn how to set boundaries in your business? You quit your nine-to-five, dove in, chased down your dreams. You’re a goal getter, a lady boss, a #Mompreneur. You did it. So why do you still feel like a failure? Has the dream of becoming your own boss become a nightmare? Are you spending valuable […]

How to Set Boundaries as a Rebellious Solopreneur or Creative

Are you burned the eff out? Feeling exhausted, but have nothing to show for it? Slaving away on social media, but the sales aren't materializing?

It's time to slow down, get back to basics and focus on the things that really matter.

Tired of Hustling?

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